About Me

My name is Shanna! welcome to my blog. I am a style and beauty enthusiast and mom of three. I created this blog because I wanted to help women such as me find inspiring ways to be stylish and fabulous without breaking the bank. I am plus size and we especially have the hardest time staying fashionable on a budget. This blog is dedicated to the women who loves to be fashionable but has other things to buy also, like diapers and tuition. I also wanted to bring style inspiration to the average everyday women who doesn't have a glamorous life. I don't know about you guys but almost every fashion blog i see these day the women are always dressed to the nines. Well most of us aren't hitting the red carpet every night and i cant wear 6 inch heels in the grocery store while I'm chasing my toddler lol! Anyway I hope I help inspire you guys and I hope you always feel welcome beautiful and amazing every time you stop by. If you like what you see give me a follow and we can stay stylish together. 

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