Tuesday, October 25, 2016

6 fall fashion trends you need to try

lariat and classic as well as chunky and delicate these babies are HOT!  With any outfit you wear a chokers will give it a ultimate fierce look. Layering chokers are a trendy way to create a statement all your own.

Inspired by westerns and giving new life by style icon Kendall Jenner among others. the double buckle belt trend is blowing up and  Fall seems to be the most perfect time to rock one. Even if the western vibe isn't your thing i would definitely give this belt a try it will bring pizzazz to even the simplest of outfits.

Year after year hats make a splash into fall fashion but this year there are few new trendy ones. The pom pom cap is super cute for casual days, the fedora is always a good idea except a fun fall color is the new way to rock this oldie. But if your a glamour girl like me id go for a glam style like this chain strapped fedora in a classic color.

The moto jacket has been a fall must have forever, however this year a fun new spin on the classic moto has taken this style to a whole new level....suede. The new way to wear this style is in this beautiful fabric in a fun color  like these taupe and pastel pink ones.

Super cute and super chic this bomber has been all the rage for the last year but this style of bomber is all new and all awesome. Pick a fun color and you have just instantly gave every old outfit in your closet new life. For us plus size sexy biatches this is an amazingly flattering style since it stops at the smallest part of our body creating a hourglass illusion. Give this trend a try you will love it.

Another year to fall in love with the duster. This jacket has won the hearts of all fashionistas for a few years running and it doesn't seem to be stopping any time soon. This year though the duster got an upgrade,a luxurious fabric that makes you feel extra sexy extra stylish and extra glamorous. Choose a feminine or classic color throw it over your favorite outfit and you will look like you just stepped off the runway everyday.

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