Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Summer to fall Transition Outfits

Remember that maxi dress you obsessively wore all summer, well it can now be your obsession all through fall. Just throw a light jacket over it for added warmth when the sun goes down and chill comes out 

The dress: Ross Stores
The handbag : Target
The jacket:Fashion metro

Your go-to tube dress can still be your go-to fall dress wear a loose sweater vest and it will keep you super warm even when the nights are super chilly Pair it with your favorite booties for a super chic fall outfit
The dress: amazon
The cardigan: Walmart

Earrings: Ebay

Watch: Ebay

Handbag: Target

O jumper, R.I.P. jumper. but wait you dont have to lay that jumper to rest just yet. Put a sweater cardigan over your bare shouders and you've just revived this hot summer number for another season. Dont forget your booties and your outfit will scream fall forward
Belt: Thrifted
Sweater:Roses/Maxway stores

Handbag: Ebay

Shoes: Burkes Outlet


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  2. I love both the outfits you pulled together. The tan handbag is SUPER cute!

  3. Thanks so much and 1000 thanks for checking out my blog